The rich texture and color often inherent in dryer lint makes it the perfect medium for creating beautiful 3D depictions of animals, landscapes, and flowers; with surprising realism.

Karla Kriss has mastered the art of working with this unique material. Order a custom portrait of your pet, favorite animal, or nature scene mounted in a shadow box frame or purchase an original creation or print from Fine Art America.

Featured Work

This delightful portrait 'Chick e Dee' is created with dryer lint and tree bark.

The shadow box framed original is available to you by contacting the artist directly or as a print or gift card through Fine Art America.

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"Every day I look at my dryer lint bird and STILL cannot believe the detail and artistic talent that went into creating it!!  I want to set it free (I'm afraid it WOULD fly away!)  The only thing I regret about buying it is that I didn't get two!!  One is the loneliest number"

Robert Owen



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